Collaborative Consulting: A full renovation

Some might assume that a design challenge or opinionated customer sets us on edge, but in fact it’s the opposite. We love hearing, “This might not work, but…” or gathering photographs, measurements and preferences that narrow down the range of choices. Creativity within the context of restraint is very real!

Small Feats

That Key West real estate is precious and in high demand is no secret. Many residents manage to live in remarkably small spaces––which is easier when you’re able to spend a lot of time outdoors, but does discourage hoarding and frippery. Every item has to count and contribute and mean something. What a great lesson for us all.

Something New, Something Old

It’s the proverb recited to brides on their wedding day, but with a twist. The new represents optimism. The old represents continuity. All day, every day now, we need both in spades.

Gatherings from the San Francisco Tribal Arts Show

 In what seems like a long time ago in a faraway land but was really just February in San Francisco, Margit attended the 34th annual Tribal Arts Show at the Fort Mason Center. The purpose was to put a finger on the pulse of tribal art—specifically African—and to score some quality pieces.

Gabbehs, Then and Now

When we landed in Tehran in November 2016, we held up passport control for two hours, then waited an hour for our luggage. Exhausted, we wondered, what are we doing here? Is this ok? These thoughts never occurred again.

Discovering the High Atlas Collection

We’re so excited, and proud, to present our High Atlas Collection of Imazighen rugs, distinct for their two-in-one rug techniques, flat weave and shag.  The designs include tattoo symbols (moon & stars, snake, honey cake), and the dyes, like Gabbehs, are derived from plant materials. The green, for example, comes from henna and mint. The red, from poppy. We think you’ll love the collection as much as we do.


Although Archeo stayed open through September and October 2019, most of our staff spent the time traveling––culminating in a staff buying trip to Morocco by way of Portugal. We’re all by nature travelers...

90 Miles Back in Time

Cuba - the architecture, the music, the cars, the cigars. The island is legendary.  Living so close, we feel the presence of the island's influence...

Notes From the Road, Chile

One of the most memorable and charming sights from my 2016 trip to Iran were the Qashqai sheep–some of which wandered through the villages like pets.

A Harley Davidson and His Gabbehs

Harley joined our family in August of 2018, all white velvet wrinkles and gigantic paws. We’d lost our previous American Bulldog, Jager, the year prior and knew that only another dog could close the wound completely.

The joy of decorating a Key West Conch cottage

A challenge and joy of moving to Key West is the necessary downsizing. The island is only 5.6 square miles and space is extremely precious.

India at its Finest

In September, 2018, Margit from Archeo accompanied Dorthe Thure from our sister store, Grace, to India on a buying trip. Although Archeo doesn’t sell anything from India, we specialize in “ancient art,” and ancient art (if you haven’t been to India) practically defines India.