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Ready, set, travel!

Like many of you, we wondered where the next adventure would take us when we could again adventure. While we imagined crossing an ocean or two, we settled for crossing the country…all the way from Key West to San Francisco!

In early 2020, we’d connected with vendors and enthusiasts at the annual Tribal Arts Fair at Fort Mason, mere weeks before the shutdown. The pieces we acquired from galleries and private collectors were among the finest we’ve ever had.

The problem, if you can call it that, was that they all sold! By summer 2021, our African collection had shrunk to a handful of pieces. It’s our theory that amid the uncertainty and upheaval Covid caused, people remembered that art––in particular, timeless, ancient, handmade art––has a grounding effect. Nothing enriches the home quite like art.

We reconnected with our contacts and were pleased that several new collections now were available, representing hard-to-find, museum-quality art pieces. This got us on the plane.

Margit and Ashley spent two days choosing pieces, with plenty of time before and after to do what we always do, which is to chase down good food. From fresh, Hog Island oysters, to seasonal figs and stone fruits, to delicious Vietnamese food, to honey-nougat gelato, we ate our fill of San Francisco. Which, for the time being, did a great job of standing in for world travels. Explore the website for the first glimpses of our African Art purchases, with more coming soon. 




masks in San Francisco


Margit with a salad in San Francisco