Although Archeo stayed open through September and October 2019, most of our staff spent the time traveling––culminating in a staff buying trip to Morocco by way of Portugal. We’re all by nature travelers. We keep our suitcases and 3 oz-sized toiletries handy. We write and revise our wish lists of where we want to go next (Indonesia, Botswana, Finland), our ears always peeled for new tips. Some of the juiciest come from our clients, because Archeo is a magnet for traveler-types. Not a single day passes without a travel conversation in this gallery. A love of travel defines us at Archeo, and because of this, our buying trips are set within contexts of experience. We immerse ourselves everywhere we go. We wander, encounter, taste, and dare. In Morocco, we shopped deep in the Marrakech souks, then crossed the Atlas Mountains, visiting pottery and rug-making kasbahs. We rode into the Sahara, ate the wild arugula that grows there, and learned what leaf seeps scorpion anti-venom. We sat on camels, climbed 100-foot high dunes, collected fossils of vanished snails, practiced tying turbans, and counted shooting stars in the night skies. Ask us about our time there or tell us your travel stories. It’s what we go to work for.