Collaborative Consulting: A full renovation

Some might assume that a design challenge or opinionated customer sets us on edge, but in fact it’s the opposite. We love hearing, “This might not work, but…” or gathering photographs, measurements and preferences that narrow down the range of choices. Creativity within the context of restraint is very real!

T.A. entered the gallery as a walk-in from Duval Street and was instantly enchanted with our Gabbehs. He promised to contact us once he arrived back home and shortly thereafter, he did.

During the ensuing nine months, we communicated often with T.A. as he renovated his Pennsylvania apartment top to bottom, including mother-of-pearl inlaid tiles in the kitchen and large-scale, custom-designed furniture pieces. Nothing about T.A’s taste fit “the mold,” but was utterly unique, a work of art all its own. We knew communication would be key, and that we’d need to dig deep into our Gabbeh reserves.

An avid art collector, T.A. set guidelines for each rug-space according to what paintings, sculptures, and furniture it would accompany, and this worked splendidly, one Gabbeh at a time. Even two half-baths were completely transformed into meaningful spaces with daring, small-size Gabbehs.

The foyer rug proved to be our greatest, collective accomplishment. Large, square-format, and slate tile with a slate tile border, it would also intersect with other, nearby Gabbehs, several paintings, and an important, handmade multi-colored wood credenza. Luckily, T.A kept an open mind, and didn’t balk at going for a big statement decision: a multi-colored, intricately patterned Gabbeh that happened to gather many of the surrounding colors together, mimicking them in plant-dyed wool. We had the rug slightly resized, and the result was magical. It was delightful. It was exactly what we love to do most. We already look forward to when the next challenge walks in the door.