Although Archeo stayed open through September and October 2019, most of our staff spent the time traveling––culminating in a staff buying trip to Morocco by way of Portugal. We’re all by nature travelers...

90 Miles Back in Time

Cuba - the architecture, the music, the cars, the cigars. The island is legendary.  Living so close, we feel the presence of the island's influence...

Notes From the Road, Chile

One of the most memorable and charming sights from my 2016 trip to Iran were the Qashqai sheep–some of which wandered through the villages like pets.

A Harley Davidson and His Gabbehs

Harley joined our family in August of 2018, all white velvet wrinkles and gigantic paws. We’d lost our previous American Bulldog, Jager, the year prior and knew that only another dog could close the wound completely.

The joy of decorating a Key West Conch cottage

A challenge and joy of moving to Key West is the necessary downsizing. The island is only 5.6 square miles and space is extremely precious.

India at its Finest

In September, 2018, Margit from Archeo accompanied Dorthe Thure from our sister store, Grace, to India on a buying trip. Although Archeo doesn’t sell anything from India, we specialize in “ancient art,” and ancient art (if you haven’t been to India) practically defines India.


Everything in Ecuador circles back to the earth: the art, the spirituality, the food. They have literally everything they need from the Amazonian jungle: yuca, fish, garden vegetables, plantains, and herbs both for cooking and healing. They are completely self-sufficient. 

Trés Africain

Parcours des Mondes––the largest African, Asian and Oceanic art show in the world––takes place in Paris, France, every September. Since African art is an Archeo specialty, we stopped by this year en route to a buying trip in India...

Beauty Shop

When clients ask for assistance with cleaning or repairing Persian carpets, we defer to our experts in Miami. Having worked with them for decades...

Travel Essential

With one of us jetting off almost every month, Archeo has packing down to a science. An informal tally has us visiting Norway, France, Iceland...

Something Old, Something New

Some antique, Persian rugs contain maps of the stars that could be used for navigation, as well as stories imparted through secret...

Fixer Uppers

The calls began about two weeks after Hurricane Irma, as homeowners in the keys began returning and assessing the damage...