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The best thing about owning a business is deciding where the money goes – it’s surprising all the tangential services that exist with even a wee enterprise. We get to hire the philosophical window-washer who shows up on bicycle.  And give a monthly fortune to the bakery that supplies the staff with the ever-so-perfect almond milk chai latte.

But in the end, our gallery is a reflection of you. That’s why (since you asked so nicely) we donate to the local arts and do backflips for our animal shelter.
We also extend our efforts outward to the world.  Food, clean water and medicine are things we take for granted – not everybody does.  We try to leave the exotic places we visit a little better than before, and foster long and meaningful relationships with people across the globe – a movement toward deeper understanding.

We are there to support each other, our community and our world.  We do our best to take care of you and the causes that are closest to your hearts.