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Thinking Small

Obviously our blogs run the spectrum from design ideas to travel to philosophy.  This one tends more toward the business side of things.  It’s about how we’re using our big ideas to stay small.

I started thinking about this blog at my bank.  I had gone in to let them know I would be using my debit card for international travel.  Naturally they couldn’t help me in the bank and suggested I phone their “customer service number”.  Funny, huh? I’m there at the business and they’re referring me to an outsourced phone service.

The entire incident reminded me of why we’re trying so hard to stay small.  Every month or so one of our (lovely and adored) customers asks us about opening a gallery in Sun Valley or New York or Santa Fe.  And every time we just sigh – I mean how could we hand pick each item if we were shopping for multiple locations?  And how could we KNOW that those faceless employees at our other shops were taking care of our customers exactly the way we like to do it here in Key West?

We couldn’t.  So it looks like we’ll stay focused on our diminutive gallery right here and celebrate our movement to stay small.