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The Last Inida…Maybe

There are so many more blogs we’d love to write about India. We could expand on the gentle people or the devilishly spicy food. But so many other exciting things are happening at Archeo, this blog will be the India wrap up.

(but only if you forgive us later at some point if we decide to include just one more note about glorious India……)

After weeks of intense shopping for Archeo in Paris, Delhi and Jaipur, Patricia and I treated ourselves to a week at a spa in the Himilayas. Our resort was perched atop a pine covered mountain. We hiked, did yoga, got Ayurvedic consultations, and generally got massaged, pedi-d and pampered. We chose the Himilayas because we wouldn’t be tempted to shop – I mean there’s nothing there to shop for, right? Wrong. Cashmere. Luxurious, luminous, heavenly cashmere. Are you sensing foreshadowing about something new that might be coming to Archeo?

Now that we’re back in the states, we want to talk more about Ashley’s buying trip in Turkey, the upcoming holidays (does it make you cheer or groan!?), and the very latest shipment of gabbeh rugs that arrived just a few days ago. It really was like unwrapping presents when we opened this shipment. Each rug is exquisite. Expect them to be on our website very soon.