The Big Apple

We relish the relaxed quality of island living, but the buzz of New York City is always a welcome change. This September we had the opportunity to visit the New York rug show and, as is our way, we mixed business with leisure.

After immersing ourselves in the latest in rug design and interior trends, we headed to some of our favorite museums. The incredible details of Rembrandt etchings took our breath away. And I’m proud to report that Archeo’s collection of African pottery and stools rivals those exhibited at the Museum of Natural History!

We returned home energized and full of enthusiasm for the season ahead. Our upcoming collection of gabbehs is exquisite and our offering of African artifacts and furnishings is unparalleled. Manhattan is an island after all, so it’s no wonder we felt so at ease there. And at the end of the day, we always feel right at home when we’re surrounded by the ocean, tribal art and gabbeh rugs.