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Soulful Gabbehs

Visiting Istanbul for Turkish Rug Week in early October offered me incredible insight into the rug industry today. With representatives from countries as diverse as Peru, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Scotland, Chile, Toronto, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and many U.S. cities, I was able to understand Archeo in a context of its peers.

I learned that we are only scant generations away from when rugs in our country were sold exclusively through major department stores. I learned that web business, while relevant today, affects giant retailers like ABC Carpet & Home more than it does smaller galleries like ours and that, in general, emails serve more to drive people into the brick and mortar stores than to buy online–– which to me proves that people will always want to touch, and see and walk on a carpet before they buy it. Is there anything more tactile than a luxury carpet?

I was satisfied to eavesdrop on conversations between gallery owners discussing “next trends.” Unique at this conference, Archeo gallery represents one style of rug: hand knotted Gabbehs from Iran. We don’t need to scurry to define what’s “next,” or to meet demands for larger-scale, custom designs (another lively topic). More than ever, I’m proud of our specialty, our niche in the wide world of rug choices. Having surveyed, I circle back gratefully to beautiful, soulful, timeless and durable Gabbehs. Come visit us and see if you agree!