Rug Crush

Lately there have been two camps at Archeo – the (til-death-do-us-part) Persian Gabbeh camp, and the (in-living-color) Indian MosaicSilk camp.

Welcome to camp number 3. Turkish Flatweaves.

We developed a serious rug crush on them in Paris and gleened the 5-6 worth having. Patricia (who sees design excellence as keenly as a raptor sees it’s prey) added the first flatweave to her own collection. But that was only after some good-natured competition from Ashley who had also developed warm feelings for the piece.

While we were unpacking the shipment, a brilliant local architect came in. He took one look, clutched his heart and left with one. Then one of our discriminating locals took another just moments before one of our favorite collectors came by with their designer and fell for them.

Today we received another small (and exceptional) shipment of Turkish flatweaves. Be bold, be decisive and choose your flatweave! Such is love.