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Primitive Paris

It would only seem natural that a culture so rich in history and so adoring of beauty would forge a timeless love affair with primitive art.

African art is not found in the occasional gallery in Paris, it is 
found in most of the galleries in Paris. In the heart of the city in 
the neighborhood of Saint Germain des pres, primitive art galleries 
line the cobblestone streets like colorful dominoes, each window an 
edited sampling of the sculpture or masks found within.

A tiny and fairly recent artifact might be in the price range of
 several thousand euros – a more rare piece will easily reach six
 figures. But collectors are less concerned with the cost of African 
art than the value.

As civilization marches onward, magic talismans from primitive peoples 
grow fewer and further between. It is one thing to purchase art
 because it is appealing or attractive. It is another thing altogether 
to acquire a piece while appreciating that its creator believed it 
possessed life-changing power.

The concept that a savage could render a piece utterly simple in form
 yet layered with meaning and nuance attracts and obsesses the French.
They collect the pieces with zeal – objects of beauty imprinted with history.

This city has an ever-present focus on that which is austere and that
 which is authentic. Primitives do indeed hold a very special place in
 the heart of Paris.