Pet Project

We love to donate here at Archeo.  We support several local and wordwide organizations. But our favorite pet project is…well, pets. Specifically our local shelter, the Florida Keys SPCA.

Please remember dear collectors that YOU are Archeo.  And our decision to support the shelter is a reflection of the passion and compassion you have shown toward animals.

Within our group of collectors are myriad (often opposing) opinions on what should be done about the environment for example, or politics. Even our staff members hold varying thoughts about world issues.

We tread lightly and think deeply about how we can use Archeo funds in a way that leaves everyone feeling satisfied and supportive.

Most recently, Archeo paid the vet bills for a sweet little dog who’s owner had (get ready for this one) detonated a firecracker in the dog’s mouth. This darling pooch survived, recovered and has a new home. I think we can all agree that it was money well spent.

The Florida Keys SPCA is trying mightily to build a new shelter.  One that will stand up to our occasional hurricane and will provide a healthy and functional place for the humans and creatures that pass through.  On Friday the 21st of this month, they host their annual fundraiser, The Spring Social.

Check out the stunning gabbeh rug up for auction!  You can bid the day prior by calling Sue at 305-393-3609, or click here to donate

Wouldn’t you like to give this rug (and maybe a pet) a happy home?