One Room Three Ways

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, and in a fit of playfulness, tried on something completely uncharacteristic? Like a silky black dress that you could wear to what? Ukelele night at the Green Parrot? Maybe just for fun you tried Kardashian height heels? The experiment does one of two things. It reinforces your usual (excellent) sense of style. Or it shows you that you really CAN wear those snakeskin skinny jeans.

Anyway, I recently got to have a similar experience with my house. With the help of Patricia as stylist, Daniel as strong creative guy, and Barry as world-class photographer – my house got a makeover.

We started with my living room. One look shows the way we live with it every day. Gorgeous gabbeh the color of the ocean and a smattering of artifacts. The next look is more beachy, with a Turkish kilim and haphazard stools in place of a coffee table. And finally, a little more elegant look with a dazzling Aquasilk. Then we transported the master bath…to India, Africa and beyond!

Peruse the photos – which look moves you?