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New Website

We have redesigned our website and it has been a long journey.  As you can imagine, we are a gallery full of stylistically opinionated women.

The first iteration was a more grown up version of the previous website.  We took pains to maintain the type of branding that comes with consistent colorways and logos.  We hired a fantastic photographer to shoot the gallery interior so we could impress with scrolling photos of Archeo.

Then we got analytical.  We spent hours researching the latest color trends and website styles.  We talked with consultants and advisors and gurus.  Shouldn’t we be employing all the tricks the pros use? I mean, what are we trying to SAY?

Next we looked at websites of other luxury goods.  Seems the latest hottest design is one big dramatic photo and a bit of tiny text.  It works for Range Rover – would it work for Archeo?

At last we found our way home.  We stripped the flashing photos and the sweeping header and we ended up in a beautiful place. A white background.  Mimimal text.  A graphic tile for each category of product and for each element of the gallery.  In the end, we decided that the products speak for themselves.