Maison & Objet

We have entered into a shopper’s nirvana: row upon row of beautiful goods from global vendors, artfully displayed in innovative, intriguing ways.

Maison & Objet, the design mecca exhibition for home goods sprawls across eight airplane hanger-sized halls in the tremendous convention center just outside of Paris.

Our first stop:  the Ethnic Hall, of course.

Before getting through the hall door, we are greeted with a living display of a fellow weaving his wares.  And the very first “objet” after that?  African art! A big wink from the universe that we are where we need to be.

In fact, we discover that the very things that inspire us at Archeo are in line with the future influences of design and decor.  Not only is it validating, it gives us a little extra lift in our step as we bustle through hundreds of vendors’ displays featuring eclectic mixes of modern geometrics, clean lines, and always some sort of nod to ancient, primitive art.