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La Joie de Vivre…

Welcome to Archeo Gallery’s blog, where we hope to keep you in the know of all that is fresh and fabulous in (and out) of our beloved Key West gallery.

As you may already know, we make it a priority to travel the world to find the most beautiful and authentic goods possible to bring back to you.  We are delighted to be reporting to you from Paris, a global epicenter for fashion, flair and all that is hip and deliciously design-worthy.

One of our objectives was to attend Maison & Objet,  a world-renowned trade show with thousands of vendors featuring goods and displays that explore lifestyles, forms, colors and materials that offer insight into the latest trends and forecasts of what’s to come.

And of course there’s Paris itself, the city with the je ne sais quois ambience and attitude that cannot go unaccounted for. Everywhere the eye beholds is an exquisite glimpse into a style and an essence we hope to capture at Archeo.

Whether it’s the grand historic architecture and forms compressed against modern curves or angular edges of today’s buildings, polished pedestrians both confident and causal in their stride, cafes lining the streets filled with leisure, languor and love unabashed from the Parisians who know how to live life to its fullest, Paris has a way of propagating what is bold, beautiful and becoming.

They take what they have and who they are and OWN it without apology or pretense.    It surely must be the joie de vivre underneath the seemingly serious facade of so many of the French.

We realize what we love so much about the city of light is that it is just that:  a light-filled place that makes the heart leap, pouring out experiences at every turn if one is open enough to receive them.  At Archeo, the ultimate goal is to find and embrace the experience and then share it with YOU.  C’est un combination perfect!