Holiday Treat

A few days ago I was enjoying tea on my porch when Santa floated by. Not the REAL Santa, kids – but one of those ubiquitous plastic lawn decorations.  He was flat out and facedown. That event marked the kickoff to my holiday season.

I have to confess that this year I feel a little like FedEx and UPS.  Fully frantic, always behind, and I’m afraid my holiday cheer cup may have been half empty.  So, today I gloat. It’s over!  Those shiny little Christmas lights can come down and the wreaths that are slightly brown anyway can hit the road.

Let’s get on to the REAL holiday….New Year’s!  What other holiday do we take the time to reassess ourselves and our situations?  It’s a chance to wash away everything we don’t like and PROMISE to bring something better into our lives!

Consider our Himalayan Scarves or throws.  It’s a nice reminder for the new year that we deserve things of the very highest standards.  Treat yourself.