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Holiday to Harmony

We finally took down our Christmas tree. It opened up such a nice clean space in the room that we kept going. We took the towering bookstacks off of the coffee table. We took a big painting off of the wall. When we stopped to consider them, we decided the armchairs in our living room were not exactly right for the space. Away they went.

The kitchen came next. The industrial size coffee maker we’d used over the holidays went into the cabinet. The fancy trays, red candles and snowy placemats went back into the bins marked “holidays”.

We swapped all the bedspreads and linens from vibrant textiles to soft white and gray.

From our new perspective we found we needed two things to bring our home into perfect focus. The most beautiful and simple armchair ever created, and white candles to give a perfect glow to an end-of-the-day glass of wine. The search is on, and it makes me glad that places like Archeo and Grace exist.

At the end of the blitz, it felt like we could walk into our home and breathe. Ushering out the season of clutter and embracing the new year with a clean slate feels right. Removing tired furnishings and editing your precious items creates a space that nurtures you. Giving away the things you no longer love creates room for wonderful things to come into your life.

What wonderful things would you like in your life, in this, the new year?