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Funny Plumbing

I’m a respectful traveler. I mean it really wouldn’t do to burst into laughter in downtown Tehran. But when I saw this plumbing in a very chic Parisian hotel, I can assure you I dissolved into giggles. I can just imagine a counsel of Frenchmen over a drawing board adding another pipe ici and another knob ici. C’est perfect!

So I photographed said plumbing and sent the image to a few friends asking them to add a caption. And they sent the photo on to a few friends, brothers, parents. These are a few of my captions and theirs.

Isn’t it delightful that a tiny gem of humor over complicated French plumbing can tickle so many people? Go ahead – crack a smile. Send us a caption of your own.


1. Good thing there’s a phone on top so I can call for help.
2. Is it plumbing or a transformer?
3. Will it make me a latte while I bathe?
4. Ground control to major Tom…
5. Has somebody fed this thing?
6. Run Forrest, run.
7. You say hello and I say goodbye.
8. Do I tip it?
9. What, you’ve never seen a bidet before?
10. Where do I deposit my quarter?
11. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!