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Design Trends 2014

This time of year notable organizations release the list of trends for the upcoming year.  If you like intense pink (more specifically “radiant orchid”), you’re in luck.  The color gurus at Pantone are calling it THE color for 2014.

In terms of design, French and British colonial are trending hot but Scandinavian is holding on.  Mid-century modern is cooling off a bit in favor of more hospitable digs.

Bold patterns, floral prints, jewel tones, black and metallics are in. Neutrals are out.

Then there’s “the blur”.  Expect wall art and web design to include blurry images. Speaking of art, expect wall art to evolve into wall sculpture.  3D is the new 2D.

What does it all mean?  Nothing.

If you’ve always admired modern style, leave that Eames chair right where it is.  If you think pink should be limited to the fluffy candy you eat at the carnival, let it go. Floral reminds you of Grandma Ednas couch?  Me too.

The point is to take note of design trends – not be bullied by them.  It’s the reason the Archeo team spends so much time in places like London and Paris.  We like to know what’s happening in the world and then we like to blaze our own trail.

If you’re interested in a house that speaks of “the road less traveled”, you might start right here at Archeo.