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Design Service

Did you know that the Mantis Shrimp can see about triple the spectrum of colors as a human?  I think Patricia has the same ability.  If you ask her favorite shade of white you’ll get words like ecru and porcelain and whole milk and alabaster. My point is, some of us have skills far more evolved than the ordinary human.  And if you don’t happen to possess those skills, then you should seek out the people who do.

I assure you, I am not some style-challenged slob.  Two decades of collecting tribal art and the remodeling at least a dozen homes have really helped me hone my style.  All those degrees in art don’t hurt.  But when it came time to paint the interior of my house, I called on Patricia. At this point, I will nary place a knob without consulting her!

Why should you care?  Because Patricia is right here at little old Archeo offering her design skills to our clients for FREE!  In other words, if you are considering an Archeo rug (for example), she will look at your blueprints (or your home if you’re local) and offer her suggestions.  If you email us photos of your home, she will give her opinion on the the pieces to add to pull the look together.

It’s one more thing we offer to make sure our customers find pieces that they treasure for life.

Trust me, it’s good to have a Mantis Shrimp on your side.