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Kid Friendly Collections

Children running around your house is a joy, but it can pose a challenge when you are a collector of fine artifacts and textiles. Having learned from many years of experience, we’ve gathered some suggestions to help guide you in curating a collection of pieces you'll love. . . even when your home is full of messy, wild, adorable children (or clumsy spouses!)

Our first rule of thumb is to reduce clutter by looking for furnishing that is multifunctional. A Senufo table, carved in the Ivory Coast from a single piece of hardwood, can serve as an end table, then double as extra seating when you’re entertaining. Consider grouping three pieces at slightly varied heights as an alternative to a traditional coffee table. Chairs and stools can, and should, be sculptural as well as functional. These pieces are sturdy enough to have kids climbing all over them!

Here at Archeo we look for textiles that wear well. Our antique Kuba pillows are extremely durable. Kuba cloth was originally made to be wrapped around grass skirts and worn during festivals. Women tufted the textured patterns using natural fibers. Each geometric form tells a story. Unlike silk, cotton or linen, the natural woven fibers of the Kuba cloth wipe down easily and, even better, the intricately patterned and textured surface hides small fingerprints making these perfect for couches and pillow fights.

And of course, there are the Gabbehs. These rugs are hand-knotted from the finest organic Persian wool with the intention to be slept on, eaten on, played on and passed on to future generations. So many rugs today are laden with chemical dyes and backed with harmful plastics. With children in your home, especially little ones still crawling, it is important to purchase rugs made from natural materials. The pure, lanolin-rich wool in our Gabbehs is saturation dyed with 100% plant pigments and never bleached, allowing Gabbehs to retain a natural resilience to stains. It is our mission to help people include beautiful art underfoot in their homes with authentic Gabbeh rugs.

Share some of your favorite stories about how your Archeo collection has integrated into your family life.