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Archeo's Sister Store

It’s been weeks since I’ve written. But I have a good excuse.
I’ve been busy opening a second store!

Archeo will always be my first love. We continue to thrive and grow in the same location for over 15 years! While one busy gallery is quite enough to keep us challenged, the evolution of the second one was so natural that it felt like exactly what the stars had in mind.

Everywhere I traveled on buying trips for Archeo, I found items and artifacts that, while lovely, didn’t fit the profile of Archeo. Beautiful soft cashmere, for example. The sweetest drop-gem earrings from India. Naturally, being the greedy sort, those items returned with me for my own collection!

And people started asking about them. Wondering where they could get a black diamond chain like the one I always wore, or the organic cotton bathrobe that I wear by the pool.

In a few short months, I bought a building, found myself in India meeting gem dealers and then Japan learning about pottery! November 28th, Grace on Frances opened to the public. It’s a light, inspiring space filled with opulent treasures.

As much as Archeo is resplendent with vibrant colors, Grace is quietly elegant. Archeo holds strong primitive pieces. Grace holds delicate, artisan pieces. But they share a standard that’s nearly lost in our current world. Each and every piece is made by hand and is unique.

We will do our best to make sure your experience in our galleries is exceptional, and the pieces you collect from us are exquisite.

Now you have two excellent reasons to visit Key West.