Allise’s “Pro Tip”

As an interior designer who appreciates the beauty of both modern and historic architecture, I always try to treat each area of a space as if it were a city or village: each narrating its own story as you pass through. Styling our African artifacts falls into this vision perfectly.

As you can see in this Key West home which features both Archeo Gabbehs and African Sculpture, I strive to embrace and mimic the abstract, earthy nature of the pieces, while highlighting their individuality with the use of contrasting colors and textures.

Here at Archeo, the pieces we choose play so well against a backdrop of rich color provided by the Gabbeh rugs. Simply placing a dark brown table atop a traditional madder-root dyed red Gabbeh will highlight both pieces.

To maintain this contrast in a modern space, try playing with textures: A glossy white lacquered backdrop acts as an ideal canvas for a beautiful, highly textured Dogon Ladder. Weathered by nature, this contrast strikes the perfect balance.