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Africa – Nature Knows

Today we did a safari walk with a San bushman.  We saw a rhino, giraffe, elephant, zebras.  The animals were magnificent – and the scale makes a bit more of an impact at ground level!  But by far the most interesting part was the legend and lore of the bush.

Did you know that zebra babies eat their mother’s dung for the first month in order to build up the probiotics in their bodies?  Would you believe that the bushmen boil wild basil and inhale the steam for headaches?  Our guide told us everything we need is in nature – they wouldn’t dream of taking an advil.  There are fruits that offset diabetes and a nut that can heal skin cancer.  I was even convinced to eat the dirt of a termite mound.  It’s loaded with iron and minerals.

All of this talk about the wisdom of nature made me wonder why any of us would live with commercial carpeting or pressboard furniture!  I don’t expect you to eat dung or rub nuts on your body – but honestly shouldn’t we all surround ourselves with pieces that are healthy and natural?

Think about the Archeo collection – solid and honest furniture made of real wood and finished with bees wax.  Rugs knotted of sheeps wool and spun silk.  The bushman would approve.  W