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Africa – Inviting Nature In

Today we were charged by a wounded leopard.  He stopped just short of the vehicle and I swear I had a big bullseye on my chest. While the rest of my crew is sitting by the campfire re-living it, I’m walking around camp wondering at the architecture.  The camp is eco-friendly of course but also built in a way that should nature dictate, the entire thing can be disassembled and moved with no evidence of it’s ever having existed.

Right now I’m admiring the teak flooring, the clever use of gnarled logs that form the bathroom vanity. The colors are earthy and the shapes are organic.

It’s quite a contrast from our beach home back in the states.  There we favor white with crisp lines and lots of space.  The camp feels warm and reassuring.  The beach house feels cool and open.  Yet each one makes me feel connected to the nature just outside the door.

What’s outside the walls of your home?  Do you protect yourself from it or invite it in?