A Harley Davidson and His Gabbehs

Harley joined our family in August of 2018, all white velvet wrinkles and gigantic paws. We’d lost our previous American Bulldog, Jager, the year prior and knew that only another dog could close the wound completely. Friends in Homestead had inherited a litter needing homes, born on our wedding anniversary. We met Harley and fell in love. He was 100% sweet and darling––until he wasn’t. He unrolled and shredded rolls of toilet paper, cried to be fed and let outside every two hours, demolished the recycling bin. He liked to climb things, scooting back a dining room chair so he could hoist himself up on to the table. Our house was not a pretty sight. Luckily, we’d had the foresight to roll up and stash away our Gabbeh rugs, with a puppy on the way. When we returned home one day to find the baseboards chewed apart like corn cobs, we took solace in the fact that at least they could be replaced, whereas Gabbehs could not.

Harley has now turned ten months, matured to chewing toys, and been allowed access to the Gabbehs. Having grown used to sleeping on the tile floor, he rolled himself leisurely onto the soft, wool pile like a new best friend. Our collection is out on the floors throughout the house, and we even recently added a new rug to the household. Like Harley himself, there is more to love than ever.

– Gretchen