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A Gift for Home

I love the holidays. I love to trick my house out like Christmas Disneyland. And who doesn’t love universal permission to have a sugar cookie or three?

But what I really love is the day AFTER the holiday season. The moment when I vacuum up the last of the pine needles and tinsel. I throw out those slightly hard cookies and the peanut brittle that Aunt whomever sent.

And then I buy a present….for my house. Restitution for enduring the indignity of the Santa towels and the (something like) pine fragrant spray. Something to say thanks for sheltering my family and friends while we enjoy ourselves and each others generosity.

I might choose a lovely (Swedish design) pillow or beautiful (carved Indian) bowl as an offering. I would place it on the (blissfully clear) coffee table and sigh in pleasure. Home is where we truly find peace.