Dorthe Thure hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and grew up steeped in the Danish ethos of design. She holds a degree from the prestigious Kolding School of Design, where she specialized in textile art, making her a perfect fit at Archeo. After the birth of her second child, Dorthe and her family decided to trade the Scandinavian winters for island life and moved to Key West, Florida in 2013.  Here Dorthe has enjoyed integrating her love for bright, modern interiors with a breezy island aesthetic.  Dorthe excels at curating the Archeo collection of Gabbehs and African artifacts to create gorgeous interiors that emphasize the best of Danish modern design - clean, white spaces that feature one-of-a-kind pieces, layered patterns, lush foliage and accents of color.

Flavors: Castelvetrano green olives, lemongrass and Barbados cherries.

Animals: A scruffy island rescue dog named . . . Sailor, of course!

Indulgences: coffee with honey.