Large Bedu Plank Mask

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Nafana tribe, Ivory Coast
81"H X 26" W X 12"D

The style of this large mask, with its dramatic black and white geometric pattern, is known as Bedu and was worn during important, Nafana tribe ceremonies during the month-long celebration of the new year to ensure bountiful harvests and fertility. A male and a female version would present themselves together at ceremonies. The male form has two horns and the female a circular top; thus, this mask is a female version. In addition, the square and circular shapes represent the balance between masculine and feminine energies.  Three holes identify the eye and mouth pieces of the mask. The shape of Bedu masks, among the largest of African masks, represents a mythical, buffalo-like animal.

The custom-made base allows this mask to stand upright, creating a stunning, geometric sculpture in any space.