Filling the Coffers

“Swiss cheese” is not one kind of cheese (the wedge, the holes) but manya skyline of cheese, in fact, ranging from a snowy white to a buttery gold. The Swiss cheese department of a market was definitely one highlight of our trip to Zurich this June, along with sipping sherry in a café on the Limmat river; hearing a chamber orchestra in a cobblestone courtyard at the foot of a clock tower and tasting “cold-pressed chocolate” gelato.

Despite these distractions, the focus of the journey was specific: to stockpile Persian Gabbehs in preparation for the upcoming sanctions. Effective August 7, 2018, it will be prohibited to import from Iran. Since Persian carpets are the essence of Archeo, we needed to act quickly.

A few members of the family that hosts us in Iran, our liaisons to the Qashqai nomads, live in Switzerland. Gabbehs are exported all over the world from the European headquarters in Zurich, which is where we turned for this emergency buying trip. Having worked with us for years, the family understands the Gabbeh styles we favor, and channeled every example they had into Zurich for us. In a day, we built a glorious supply: large rugs, runners, area rugs and the charming little mats that are delightful as doormats, in bathrooms and in front of kitchen sinks. Although we’re saddened not to know when we’ll be able to buy Gabbehs again, let alone return to Iran, we’re well-stocked for years. Check out our email blasts for updates as the rugs become available and added to our website. If you’ve been hovering over a decision to buy, now is definitely the time! Buy from the heart what you know will enhance your life for years to come. Unlike the cheese plate. We ate that up in no time.